We understand the challenges of manufacturing a consistent and safe product and we believe that the knowledge gained through the experiences working with other industries should be applied to the hemp and CBD industry. Our goal is to help you create a safe product by giving you access to the tools required to achieve the quality products the consumer desires. We can provide the typical compliance testing package to get your product to market as well as help you solve quality control or manufacturing problems you may be experiencing. 


Achieving batch-to-batch consistency can be difficult when your ingredients and supply chain are not consistent. Our experiences learned while working closely with clients from all points of the supply chain gives us the ability to compile and share information to help you create a consistent outcome.

Pesticide Residue Analysis

We offer multi-residue pesticide screening for hemp and hemp derived products utilizing triple quadrupole mass spectrometry to achieve the greatest sensitivity. This sensitivity allows to achieve the minimum reporting limits set by government agencies as well as screen for low levels of pesticides that may become an issue after processing.

Heavy Metals Analytisis ICPMS ICP-MS for Arsenic Cadmium Mercury and Lead

Heavy Metal Analysis

We utilize ICP-MS to meet your requirements for heavy metal analysis. We can screen for the "Big Four" As, Cd, Hg and Pb as well as other elements of interest. 


Terpene Analysis

We can screen and quantify over 40 individual terpenes using Head Space Gas Chromatography. These terpenes contribute to the desirable and undesirable smells and tastes as well as some of the therapeutic properties of hemp and other extracted botanicals. Being able to provide a consistent product means the ratios of these terpenes should be monitored.

Cannabinoid Analysis

We screen for a total of 11 Cannabinoids using both HPLC and GC methods in a variety of matrices. These cannabinoids include CBDV, CBDA, CBD, CBGA, CBG, CBN, THC-A, THCV, Delta 9- THC, Delta 8-THC, and CBC. 

mycotoxin testing and screening for aflatoxin, ochratoxins LCMS LC-MSMS

Mycotoxin Screening

Mycotoxins are a class of secondary metabolite produced by certain type of fungi and are capable of causing serious illness or death when consumed by humans or pets. We screen for both Aflatoxins and Ochratoxins by LC-MSMS to achieve the sensitivity required by our customers to ensure their products are safe to consume. 

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Particle Size Analysis

Particle size analysis is a laboratory techniques which determines the size range, and/or the average, or mean size of the particles in a powder or liquid sample. These measurements are important for bioavailability studies as well as stability studies for beverage and food products.


Microbial Contamination

We understand that different states have different requirements for microbial testing. We utilize our experience with food safety to offer a comprehensive list of both genetic and culture based methods to screen your hemp based products for deadly pathogens.  

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Residual Solvents

Residual solvents in pharmaceuticals are defined as organic volatile chemicals that are used or produced in the manufacture of drug substances or excipients, or in the preparation of drug products. The residual solvents are not completely removed by practical manufacturing techniques. We screen for a variety of residual solvents in processed hemp products so your products can meet the required safety standards.

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Custom Services

Beyond the typical compliance testing to verify the safety of your product we offer services to help verify that the products you manufacture meet your standards. Our lab is designed to be adaptive to your requirements. We have the technology and knowledge to help you design, test, and manufacture a safe and consistent product.