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Cosmetics and Personal Care Product Testing

Testing your products to ensure they are safe and ready for consumers is recommended by the FDA and we are here to help.

Our microbial and analytical laboratories are well suited to testing a wide variety of cosmetics and personal care products. Our services include impurity investigation, raw ingredient testing, microbial contaminant testing, and many more.

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Supplements and Nutraceutical Testing

We provide Quality Control testing services to manufacturers and distributors, including Amazon sellers, to ensure safe and accurately labeled products.

Image by Gina Sell
Image by Gina Sell

As a manufacturer, you may be required to certify that your product meets certain specifications. Whether that is true, we can help you provide piece of mind to your customer. We offer a full range of services to meet your quality control needs as well as to aid in method development and product formulations.

Food Safety & Quality

It matters who you select to verify the safety and quality of your food products. Trace analyses of microbial and chemical contaminants keep consumers safe.

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There has been a shift in food safety where there is now a focus on preventing food safety problems before they occur rather than reacting to the issue at hand after they occur. This proactive approach has provided the FDA with new enforcement authority designed to achieve higher rates of compliance with prevention- and risk-based food safety standards. 

This new food safety system, or the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), requires mandatory preventative controls for food facilities and new mandatory standards for safe harvesting and production of fruits and vegetables. These new standards require food testing by a laboratory to ensure safety of food products.

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Microbial and Chemical levels can enhance or possibly deteriorate your alcoholic or non-alcoholic product. Don't wait until it's too late to get the right test.

Modern Beer Brewery
Modern Beer Brewery

We help the artisans master their craft through science. Our testing services for beverages extend beyond beer and wine to also include distilled spirits, ciders, seltzers, kombucha and mixed drinks. 

We can help you test and verify raw ingredients or final products. We utilize a wide range of instrumentation to cover a large variety of different tests from alcohol content to metal analysis.

Our microbial lab can help you with sterility testing of your final products to detection of possible spoilage microbes that can ruin your batch. 

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