Food Manufacturing & Processing

We work closely with food processors and manufacturers, providing routine quality control testing of potential microbial and chemical contaminants. Weather you need to screen for the main pathogenic players or assess potential heavy metal contamination, we have you covered. 

Cosmetics and Personal Care

We provide various cosmetic testing services including  impurity testing, formulations, ingredient testing, stability testing,  and batch-to batch-quality control testing. 

Hemp & CBD manufacturing

Whether you need routine testing or want to accelerate your quality management system with our services, we utilize our experiences from food safety and quality control testing to deliver a wide scope of microbial and chemical testing services to ensure your product meets quality and safety standards. 

Disinfectant and antimicrobial Efficacy Testing

Developing a new product designed to disinfect surfaces or objects? Let us help guide you through determining if your product meets the required standards. We have experience testing chemical disinfectants as well as UV disinfecting devices. 

Beer, Wine and other Beverages

Coming Soon:

  • Spoilage pathogens 

  • Off-flavored chemical analysis caused by unwanted fermentation byproducts.


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