Twin Arbor Labs

Twin Arbor Labs is a Microbiological and Analytical Laboratory located within California's Central Coast. Our Lab offers a unique laboratory experience by providing a service that is more directed towards each clients' needs and goes beyond a basic routine testing facility. Our approach is designed to give each client a "VIP" experience while also providing the tools to achieve the highest quality of data possible. 

All clients, regardless of size, are given the same experience with the hopes of exceptional customer service. To support our clients needs we strive to provide:

  • Excellent customer service and data of the highest standards that is confidential, transparent, and documented

  • Standard operating procedures and laboratory practices held to the ISO 17025 standard

  • Staying in compliance with all local, federal and national laboratory standards

  • Continually assessing risks and opportunities to further improve our services and client relations

  • Maintaining a high degree of integrity within our organization

Our team is conscientiously learning and adapting to changes in

regulations so we can continue to provide a service that will always

meet the needs of our customers.


We are continuously expanding our portfolio and scope across food,

beverage and agricultural fields.

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