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Cosmetics and Personal Care Product Testing

Testing your products to ensure they are safe and ready for consumers is recommended by the FDA and we are here to help.

Our microbial and analytical laboratories are well suited to testing a wide variety of cosmetics and personal care products. Our services include impurity investigation, raw ingredient testing, Stability Testing, microbial contaminant testing, and many more.

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Mineral Mask
Mineral Mask

Chemical Analysis

Whether you need to confirm the concentration of an active ingredient, assess purity of your raw material or identify any potential chemical impurities, we can help. Our analytical department is fully equipped with the latest technology and instrumentation to get your product tested and on the market with a compliant certificate of analysis . 

Microbial Contamination

Our Microbiological lab can test for the FDA's recommended microbial test panel for cosmetics and personal care products. We utilize international standards such as USP 61 and 62 and ISO29621 methodologies as well as FDA BAM Ch. 23 methods. These range from general plate counts and total coliform counts to testing of specific disease causing bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus.


Stability Testing

Stability tests are completed over a span of 3 months to several years in order to confirm that the product quality does not deteriorate over those time periods. Humidity and temperature storage conditions must be held stable over those time periods and testing is completed at several time points over the complete testing period. We follow ISO 18811 guidelines for the assessment of the stability of cosmetic products.

Preservative Efficacy Test

This method is used to asses the efficacy of a preservative used in cosmetics, personal care products and drug products. The test utilizes a total of 5 challenge microorganisms, three bacteria and two fungi. These microorganisms are inoculated into the tested product and evaluated at specific time points. We utilize both USP 51 and ISO 11930 methodologies. For cosmetics we recommend utilizing the ISO 11930 method as it is specific to only cosmetics.

Associated Testing Services, Instruments & Techniques

Below are just some of the testing services we offer and the tools we use to get you the results you need.

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