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Supplements and Nutraceutical Testing

We provide Quality Control testing services to manufacturers and distributors, including Amazon sellers, to ensure safe and accurately labeled products.

A Closer Look

The dietary supplements market value is expected to double from 2020 levels and surpass $272 billion by the year 2028. With increasing consumer interest in health and safety, taking a proactive approach to testing of ingredients, stability and contamination will be key to the success of any growing supplement or nutraceutical manufacturer or distributor. Partner with Twin Arbor Labs to ensure your products, whether vitamins or exotic extractions, are well tested to fulfill the quality and safety needs of those new health conscious consumers. 

A Closer Look

Regardless of the type of product you offer, our analytical and microbial scientists are here to help you determine the best test for your individual product. We have years of experience testing and working with pills, powders, creams, liquids, botanicals, extracts and more. Whether you are concerned about heavy metals introduced from a plants soil or industrial equipment, an ingredient or vitamin potency analysis or microbial contamination, Twin Arbor Labs has a large arsenal of validated test methods available.  Request a Quote today and tell us about your own unique product and how we can help your product or process succeed.

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As a manufacturer, governmental regulations often require your product be certified to meet certain specifications. Whether that is true for you, we can help you provide piece of mind to your customer by providing accurate and certified results. We offer a full range of services to meet your quality control needs as well as to aid in method development and product formulations.


Distributors may be concerned that their products, whether manufactured domestically or internationally, are actually safe for customers to put on their shelves or consumers to ingest. We also work closely with many distributors to ensure that products meet their own specifications as well as all FDA and other governmental safety requirements.​​

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Following FDA Guidelines, there has been an increased push for both manufacturers and distributors to ensure that their products are safe. Third party platforms, including Amazon, now require that all dietary supplements sold on their platform meet local and national regulations, including FDA regulations.​ We understand what these platforms are looking for and can help you get the necessary tests and reports needed to satisfy Amazon and others.

Associated Testing Services, Instruments & Techniques

Below are just some of the testing services we offer and the tools we use to get you the results you need.

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