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Twin Arbor Labs has worked with many online sellers to help them stay compliant with Amazon's policies.

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Selling products on e-commerce marketplaces, such as Amazon, can be a great way for you to reach a wider audience and increase your sales. Here at Twin Arbor Labs, we have developed a streamlined service dedicated to helping you meet Amazon’s compliance requirements and to help you to avoid any potential problems and ensure that your products are available for sale on Amazon. We have worked with a large array of manufacturers and distributors to help them stay compliant with Amazon's policies and pride ourselves in helping our clients reach their goals.

Image by Nathan Dumlao
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You may be selling or developing countless different supplements and nutraceuticals so it is essential to find a lab that can perform a wide range of tests. Twin Arbor Labs is an ISO 17025 accredited lab with services that cover a wide range of analytical and microbiological techniques ranging from chromatographic techniques used for label specification verification of individual ingredients to plating and molecular techniques used to confirm probiotic specifications. For ingredients, such as botanical extracts, that cannot be directly measured, we can also perform batch sheet verification by inputs or direct measurements of chemical markers found in different botanical substances.

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Supplement Adulterant Testing

In addition to an ingredient verification, Amazon may be asking you to furnish a Certificate of Analysis (COA) indicating the absence of certain adulterants. Supplements intended for sexual enhancement, weight loss or weight management, and those intended for sports nutrition and body building must have a COA that indicates the absence of certain adulterants. Twin Arbor Labs offers adulterant testing specifically designed to screen different classes of supplements or nutraceuticals with the high degree of accuracy and sensitivity required by Amazon.

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When registering a product to be sold on Amazon’s online retail store, Amazon will require you to submit the following documentation.

Amazon Supplement Requiemets
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Test Reports and Certificates of Analysis (CoA)

1. A CoA must contain the following information:

  • Product name.

  • Batch/lot number or date code of the finished product sample tested.

  • Name and address of the accredited laboratory.

  • Results from laboratory assay to support the dietary ingredient concentration as claimed on supplement facts panel.

  • The laboratory method used must accompany each reported result.

  • The ingredient name(s) on supplement facts panel should match the ingredient name(s) on the CoA.

  • The unit of measure for each ingredient on the supplement facts panel (i.e. mcg/mg) should match the unit of measure on CoA.

2. Additional CoA requirements:

  • CoA submitted to Amazon must have been issued within the past nine months.

  • Laboratory test results of expired product will not be accepted.

  • CoA documents must be in Portable Document Format (.pdf).

  • CoA documents must be accompanied by legible product images as referenced below in (“Product Images”)

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Bottle of Capsules
Bottle of Capsules

Product Images

1. Product Images must meet the following requirements:

  • Have all sides of the product label visible.

  • Have a clear image of the supplemental fact panel, and ingredient list.

  • Contain name and address of the brand owner.

  • Contain product name.

Letter of Guarantee

1. A letter of guarantee from the brand owner of the product that meets the following requirements:
2. Is on official brand owner letterhead.
3. Contains complete product name as listed on label, or list of products manufactured under the brand or by facility.
4. Assurance that the product is manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices as listed in 21 CFR Part 111.
5. Assurance that only lawful and safe, as defined in section 402 (f) of the FD&C Act, ingredients are utilized.
6. Assurance that concentration of active ingredient(s) as stated on the label and labeling is safe for consumption.

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