Disinfectants and Sanitizers

Our capable team at Twin Arbor Labs utilize published methodologies including ASTM, EPA and AOAC methodologies to test disinfectants, sanitizers and germicidal devices such as UV devices. Whether you are in the research and development process or testing the efficacy of a final product we are here to help you every step of the way. 


Twin Arbor Lab's chemistry lab can also help you test raw materials for possible contamination or confirm concentration of active ingredients. We can also help confirm that the products you are importing meet the efficacy and safety standards required in the United States. 

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Disinfectants are regulated by the EPA and need to be registered. Any claims made on labels need to be backed by scientific evidence. We provide the following test methods for disinfectants:


  • ASTM E2315 - Liquid Suspension Time-Kill Test

  • ASTM E1054 Neutralization Evaluation Test

  • AOAC 961.02 Germicidal Spray Products

  • MIC - Minimum Inhibitory Concentration

    • Lowest concentration of an antibacterial agent necessary to inhibit growth​

  • MBC - Minimum Bactericidal Concentration

    • Minimum bactericidal concentration of an antibacterial agent that results in bacterial death​

Hand Sanitizers

Antiseptics, such as hand sanitizers, are treated as over-the-counter drugs by the FDA since they are intended to prevent illness. Currently, hand sanitizers must comply with GMPs requirements as per 21 CFR 211 and comply with OTC monograph for eligible active ingredients in hand sanitizers. The normal testing procedure for efficacy include:

  • ASTM E2315 - Liquid Suspension Time-Kill Test

We highly recommend testing imported hand sanitizers for efficacy, concentration of active ingredients and inactive ingredients and possible contamination from toxic chemicals that may result in recalls.

UV Disinfectant Devices

UV disinfectant devices are regulated by the EPA as a pesticide but do not require registration, however, if any scientific or efficacy claims are made there needs to be scientific evidence to back these claims.

Devices include:

  • Hand held UV bacterial devices

  • UV towers 

  • UV travel bags

  • UV boxes 

  • UV cell phone case

We utilize ASTM method E3135 when testing UV germicidal devices as well as custom real world scenarios. This allows us to provide the highest quality real world data possible so the deceives claims can be properly substantiated. 

*We cannot screen virus at this time, only bacteria and fungi

EPA Guide to Pesticide Devices