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Laboratory Services

At Twin Arbor Labs, we take quality seriously from our science to our customer service. Let us help you manufacture a product your clients can trust be safe for use, by screening for harmful contaminates. We utilize a variety of microbial and analytical techniques to ensure your product passes consumer safety regulations or your own standards.


We also offer consulting to help streamline your manufacturing process to achieve consistent product that is within specifications, and reduces expensive recalls.  We take pride in offering our clients reliable data and fast turnaround times.

We strive to provide the highest quality data as possible to meet the demands of our clients:

Third Party Accreditation

To enhance our quality control system we utilize third party accreditation. We are accredited by PJLA to the ISO 17025:2017 standard. This means that our customers can be assured that they are receiving high quality results held to an international standard

Approved Methodologies

When available we use methodologies approved by AOAC, FDA, USDA, and other official compendia.


Our staff and scientist are trained in proper laboratory techniques and methodologies to help ensure your data is secure and correct when it is received.

We offer a wide range Microbiological Services designed to help you achieve a stable and safe product. To learn more about our Microbiological Services click here!

Our Chemistry Department has a wide range of tools Include ICP-MS for elemental analysis to LC-MSMS for contaminant detection in food products. To learn more about our Chemistry Services click here!