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Discover the quality we can accomplish together

Whether your company manufactures raw ingredients or packages food products, Twin Arbor Labs has many tools at our disposal to help you achieve the quality your clients desire.

We are industry experts in quality control and specialize in a broad range of industries including personal care and cosmetics products, food and beverage manufacturing, and dietary supplements. Our dedicated team of scientists are committed to providing you with industry-leading services and support. 

An idea of what we can do...

Supplements and Nutraceuticals

We provide Quality Control testing services to manufacturers and distributors, including Amazon sellers, to ensure safe and accurately labeled products.

White Pills

Food Safety and Quality

It matters who you select to verify the safety and quality of your food products. Trace analyses of microbial and chemical contaminants keep consumers safe.

Mexcian Food

Microbiology Services

Whether you are curious about yeast, mold, bacteria or their byproducts, we can help.



Microbial and Chemical levels can enhance or possibly deteriorate your alcoholic or non-alcoholic product. Don't wait until it's too late to get the right test.


Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Testing your products to ensure they are safe and ready for consumers is recommended by the FDA and we are here to help.

Cosmetic Products

Chemistry Services

We offer a wide range of services to help keep your products safe and accurate.

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