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Starting SLO's first Food Safety Lab.

It all began with a vision while working at the family business, an analytical consulting firm on the Central Coast. Forrest Richmond, Twin Arbor’s CEO and Founder, expanded his dream with his wife Shawn over the next 5 years into what you see today: San Luis Obispo’s first food safety lab. He and Shawn graduated from Cal Poly with Chemistry and Biology Bachelor of Science degrees under their belts. They quickly put their knowledge to use in order to help support the well-being of their community.


A serendipitous encounter between agricultural colleagues led Forrest to meeting Chris, Twin Arbor’s accomplished Analytical Director. Combined, the dynamic trio have over 35 years’ experience in Microbial, Chemistry, and Environmental Sciences, creating a well-rounded and skillful team.


Twin Arbor officially opened its doors to the public in 2016, committed to offering customer service a step above the rest by creating strong bonds and partnerships with their clients. Having an analytical approach to consulting ensures the clients receive the technical help they need while paired with a personable touch.

Since day one it has been important to ease concerned patrons of their wearies with possible contaminated food products, as well as ensure the more expansive clients receive their high-volume work on time and with extreme accuracy. With the ability to help an array of people, from your friend to your neighborhood farmer, Twin Arbor has solidified its place on the Central Coast.



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