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Testing of Liquid and UV Sanitizers via ASTM method 2315 - Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity

Chances are, if you have ventured to a store of almost any kind in the months following the initial insurgence of Covid-19 cases, you'll have come across multiple brands of sanitizers.

The spike in businesses creating, bottling, and distributing sanitizers has proven that companies act fast to protect their communities. Here on the Central Coast of California, wineries blanket the rolling hills East and West of the 101, and award-winning breweries and distilleries are populating warehouse districts and downtown areas. While they continue to produce spirits for the masses, deemed essential businesses, many took on the all-important task of taking inventory of stock and utilizing in-house supplies, creating germicides during quarantine, a boozy and brilliant way to help their friends, families, and essential workers.

To ensure what their making is in fact successful at killing off the amount of harmful germs stated on the label, typically 99.9%, they are required to prove that their product in fact kills 99.9% of germs on the surface within 1 minute of exposure. The test requires detailed planning, plating more than 60 petri dishes per product, and up to 24 microorganisms.

At Twin Arbor, we are here for any of your Efficacy, Preservative Challenge, and Antimicrobial Effectiveness Test needs.


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